What we do

Wren is an angel investor in science, engineering and software.

We founded Wren in 2011 and have invested in over 60 companies so far.

Wren is well known in the early stage investment community and has co-invested with a wide range of both angel and institutional investors.

What we look for

From software and semiconductors to genome editing, and from medical devices to satellites, we are interested in sectors where technical ingenuity and hard work can produce long term value.

We look for people with a deep understanding of their markets. The founders we invest in are smart, strategic, and flexible.

Our investments

Wren typically invests £50,000 to £200,000 per funding round.

Difficult problems take time to solve, so we're patient with our investments.

Our aim is to get deals done and we take a pragmatic approach to doing so.

Our people

Rajat Malhotra

Rajat is the 2013 UK Angel Investor of the Year and the managing partner of Wren.

Prior to co-founding Wren, Rajat was a competition lawyer in both London and Brussels.

Richard Cameron

Richard is a co-founder of Wren Capital.

His personal and professional interests include mathematics, statistics, and computer science.


If you have a proposal that you think we'd be interested in, please email us a summary to summaries@wrencapital.co.uk

Our phone number is 020 3397 3390, and our contact email address is contact@wrencapital.co.uk